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Prime Meridian at Greenwich, London is the reference for every time zone in the world.

UTC is rectified every few years with leap seconds so that UTC never drifts further than two seconds away from GMT.

For most practical purposes, you can consider UTC and GMT as the same time.

Greenwichmeantime.com is now a web application. Navigation between pages is fast, and data downloaded to your device is reduced to a minimum as you navigate.

AM/PM Explained

12 PM is noon. Our guide to correct use.

Big Ben

London's most famous clock

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Day and Night Time Interactive
Choose a place, change time

British Summer Time (BST) replaced GMT on 29 March. UK is on GMT only when Daylight Saving Time (DST) is not in use.

When is a good time to catch-up with family and friends? Need to schedule a business conference call? Use the GMT time tools.

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Compare time zones
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World Clock
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Which countries do not use Daylight Saving Time?

Useful Gadgets

Imagine travelling to a different country, in a different part of the world, and waking up earlier or later, due to the time zone difference.

Bookmark the Sunrise gadget below and use it in conjunction with the Moon one.

Sunrise/set time
Length of day and night
Moonrise/set time
Up in the sky
Moon Time
What is the current phase?
Nature and Digital Timepieces

The Moon Clock with timings for regular and Supermoons, and a Graeco-Roman Daylight chart, The Horae.

Date Calculator
How many days between dates?
Globe Time
Night and Day
Cricket Time
Ground times

Read about Time

Explore the Articles section, from Lunar Calendars and A Shakespearean Theme to Definitions of Time.

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