British Summer Time

British Summer Time (BST) is the UK name for Daylight Saving Time (DST)

BST starts on 28 March 2021

Remember the Time Change Rule: Spring Forward, Fall Back

In the spring clocks are turned forward one hour to GMT+1.

In the autumn (fall) clock are turned back back one hour to GMT. This gives an extra hour of light at the start of the day in winter.

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Check here for BST dates since 1950 until 2021.

  • Daylight Saving Time maximises the benefit of daylight at latitudes where summer days are long. The benefit tapers with latitude as day-length gets more extreme near the poles.
  • BST was introduced in the UK in 1916. It has a fascinating history.
  • Offsets or time differences are generally written as UTC/GMT plus or minus a number of hours.

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