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The World is local and so is time

Any world clock provides by definition the time in various parts of planet Earth, including all timezones. As the world is made up of a multitude of local times, a better name for such a timepiece would be “The World is Local”.

Whether you intend to travel to a certain destination and want to make sure you arrive there at a suitable time or you just need to talk to someone on the other side of the globe, use the GMT World Clock as the shortest route from World to Local.

For your convenience, we have grouped major local times geographically:

Current, Local and Localised

Over twenty of the world's countries have more than one time zone. Some US states also span more than one time zone. For example four counties in the state of Michigan follow Central Time Zone rules and the others follow Eastern Time Zone rules.

That is why the GMT World Clock is as local as it can be, in the simplest possible way. To get started, begin by typing the name of a place a drop-down place list will appear which will narrow as you enter more characters into the input field, choose from the place list the place or country you are interested in.

Find out What is GMT and learn more about the history of time zones and daylight saving time browsing the time-related articles.

The Art of Compromise

In the internet era, online business and work meetings are now commonplace. However arranging business hours meetings across time zones can be tricky. It ultimately depends on how far apart people are and the time difference between them. It may be necessary for one or other of the meeting participants to attend earlier or later than standard office hours.

The GMT Time Converter is just a tab away from the World Clock. Move the sliding little ball until all the places selected have a green underline. It means it's a good time for everyone on that call.

As you move the slider right or left, you will see that the colours change to orange, which we would like to call ‘compromise time’.

Even the forbidding red may not be totally off-limits. Whether this is a bad or a good thing is another topic, better left to economic forums, but in the meantime use our tools and let us have your take on them.

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