The Cricket Clock Story

This is going to be a very short story, because the essential beauty of cricket and its connections with time have been already described in this article.

The game itself, with its majestic unhurried rhythm, required something else. After all, speed is in the eye of the beholder, experts will savour each and every second, beginners may find them insufferably spaced out.

This is how the idea of a cricket time map was embodied in a cricket clock.

Passionate insomniacs, we thought, could at any time tune in to a test match played on the other side of the world.

We made it simple, the time zone conversion - this arithmetic of meridians that start at Greenwich with 0 degrees longitude and the persistent GMT reference. No need to add or substract anything.

Visually it had to be very clear, so that the eye could stop without any hesitation at the preferred destination, be it in India or the UK, Mumbai or in London.

If tuning in is not possible in real terms, we thought that seeing the time and places of test matches might somehow make everyone aware of the fact that the Game goes on.

Planning for the next one becomes easier, no more missed matches, always connected. The Cricket Clock is a clock in its own right and other subsequent tools can be used to enrich its potential.

The first that could easily added to the cricket lover panoply is Event Time, up and running now for quite a while.

The next story though belongs to the Moon and its celestial clock.

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