Greenwich Means Time to the World

Daylight Saving Time (DST)

Clock Changes in 2016

DST Starts in the Northern Hemisphere - Clocks Go forward
Note: changes may occur
United States Sunday 13 March
Canada Sunday 13 March
Bahamas Sunday 13 March
Bermuda Sunday 13 March
Cuba Sunday 13 March
Israel Friday 25 March
Palestinian Territories Saturday 26 March
European Union and rest of Europe, except Iceland Sunday 27 March
Turkey Sunday 27 March
Lebanon Sunday 27 March
Jordan Friday 1 April
DST Ends in the Southern Hemisphere - Clocks Go Back
Fiji Sunday 17 January
Brazil (states that observe DST) Sunday 21 February
Paraguay Sunday 27 March
Australia (states that observe DST) Sunday 3 April
New Zealand Sunday 3 April

Follow the links for more information about DST and exceptions within countries.

Co-ordinated Universal Time (UTC) & Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

UTC is the standard reference time, and is always equal to GMT. UTC is not a time zone.

GMT is a time zone that does not change with the seasons.Clocks move relative to GMT.

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