Greenwich Means Time to the World

Daylight Saving Time (DST)

Recent Clock Changes in 2016

DST ENDED in the Northern Hemisphere - Clocks Went Back
Israel Sunday 30 October
European Union and rest of Europe, except Iceland Sunday 30 October
United States Sunday 6 November
Canada Sunday 6 November
Bahamas Sunday 6 November
Bermuda Sunday 6 November
Cuba Sunday 6 November
DST STARTED in the Southern Hemisphere - Clocks Went Forward
Paraguay Sunday 2 October
Australia (states that observe DST) Sunday 2 October
Brazil (states that observe DST) Sunday 15 October
Fiji Sunday 6 November

Follow the links for more information about DST and exceptions within countries.

Co-ordinated Universal Time (UTC) & Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

UTC is the standard reference time, and is always equal to GMT. UTC is not a time zone.

GMT is a time zone that does not change with the seasons. Clocks move relative to GMT.

[ History of DST ] [ British Summer Time Info ]

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