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Next Clock Change: 12 March 2017, when Daylight Saving Time starts and clocks go forward an hour

Daylight Savings Time change dates Canada 2014 -2016

Year DST Begins 2 a.m. DST Ends 2 a.m.
2014 March 9 November 2
2015 March 8 November 1
2016 March 13 November 6

Daylight Savings dates Canada 2007-2013

Year DST Begun 2 a.m. DST Ended 2 a.m.
2007 March 11 November 4
2008 March 9 November 2
2009 March 8 November 1
2010 March 14 November 7
2011 March 13 November 6
2012 March 11 November 4
2013 March 10 November 3

Canadian Daylight Savings Time Change Province by Province

How each Canadian Province / Territory implemented DST since 2007 given the changes that took place in the USA.

Alberta - Legislation proposed for DST changes in 2007

2 February 2006 - Government of Alberta

British Columbia - Formally adopted new DST rules for 2007

31 March 2006 - Official Notice from Ministry of Attorney General of British Columbia

Manitoba - Legislation tabled for DST in 2007

The Manitoba government plans to follow the lead of the United States by extending daylight time in the province by four weeks, beginning in March, 2007.

"It's important for trucking and other industries to keep the same time as other jurisdictions", Manitoba Premier Gary Doer said - 20 October 2005.

Winnipeg, Manitoba 2 November 2005 - Official Notice from Government of Manitoba

New Brunswick - Formal DST amendments for 2007 proposed

December 23, 2005 Office of the Premier of the Government of New Brunswick Official Notice

Newfoundland -

After a delay, and a period when they changed at 1 minute past midnight(!), Newfoundland and Labrador have come in line with other North American countries.

Northwest Territories

There is no information about 2007 on Government website but...

The Yukon Government reports: "So far British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Northwest Territories, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island have accepted and agreed to implement the new time change.."

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is changing its daylight saving time to stay in sync with the U.S.

Starting in 2007, daylight saving time in Nova Scotia started three weeks earlier in the spring and last one week longer in the fall.

Justice Minister Murray Scott says co-ordinating time zones with the U.S. helps attract business to this province. He also says that not making the change might have caused difficulties for agricultural and fisheries producers.

Government of Nova Scotia


Ontario - Adopts revised DST in 2007

The Ontario government plans to follow the lead of the United States by extending daylight time in the province by four weeks, beginning in March, 2007.

Attorney General Michael Bryant announced in the legislature on 20 October 2005 that Ontario is making the move because of its “extensive and inextricable links” to the United States.

Prince Edward Island - Reported to change DST in 2007

Price Edward Island Island adjusts daylight saving time


"The (Quebec) provincial government is on the verge of following the lead of the United States to extend daylight saving time by two months, Presse Canadienne reported yesterday."

Montréal Gazette - 17 October 2005

Saskatchewan - Does use DST currently

- "Most of Saskatchewan uses Central Standard Time all year round"


Yukon adopted daylight saving time, starting March 2007

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