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Prince Edward Island DST

Prince Edward Island - Reported to change DST in 2007

Price Edward Island Island adjusts daylight saving time

CBC News reported December 7 2005 08:07 AM AST

It was only a matter of time. Prince Edward Island (P.E.I.) is the first province in Atlantic Canada to follow the United States in adding an extra month to daylight saving time.

Premier Pat Binns said the change would take place in 2007, with Islanders moving their clocks ahead one hour three weeks earlier in March and rolling them back one week later in November.

The U.S. Senate approved the time-shifting strategy earlier this year to save energy.

"When people get home in the evening, you know it's supper time and the stove goes on. And of course if it's dark already then the lights are on and it's just that much extra electricity being used," said Binns.

The time change will take place in March 2007

The premier said his announcement is even a feel good one, at least according to the 266 people who took time to e-mail the government about the idea of adding more daylight to their lives.

"There are people who suffer depression in the longer winter months and that extra hour in the evening of daylight would help to combat that kind of depression."

Opposition leader Robert Ghiz said he likes the idea of a time shift. But he's concerned about the way the public input was gathered. He said the premier put too much weight in the opinions of the 266 web-poll participants.

"I really hope that our premier is not so void of ideas that now he's taken to web polls to decide how he's going to set a course for this province."

Binns said the poll was just one factor. He said government could not ignore the fact the United States had already made its decision.

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