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tbc - "Most of Saskatchewan uses Central Standard Time all year round"

Saskatchewan - Traditionally does not adopt DST


The provincial government (of Saskatchewan) received requests to adopt Daylight Saving Time, has examined the issue in detail and has decided to retain the current time system established under The Time Act for all of Saskatchewan. This issue is a divisive one with no consensus apparent within the whole province.

Saskatchewan is naturally located within the Mountain Standard Time (MST) zone which runs from just west of Winnipeg, Manitoba to just east of Lethbridge, Alberta.

Under The Time Act, Saskatchewan adopted Central Standard Time and therefore shares the same time as Alberta during the summer months and the same time as Manitoba during the winter months.

Prior to the implementation of The Time Act in 1966, the question of time was the responsibility of municipalities. Under The Cities Act and The Towns Act of the day, bylaws could be passed at any time through the conduct of a plebiscite on the question of observed time. This resulted in a patchwork of time zones in Saskatchewan with communities using Central Standard Time, Mountain Standard Time or Daylight Saving Time as their local time.

The Time Act of 1966 was a compromise solution that allowed all of the province to observe Central Standard Time. During the summer months all of Saskatchewan observes Central Standard Time. Only the Battle River (Lloydminster) Time Option area follows Mountain Standard Time during the winter. The rest of the province is on Central Standard Time year round

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