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USA state of Indiana - Daylight Saving Time from 2006

Saving Time (DST) is a long-standing controversy in Indiana.

It is an agricultural state and the border separating the Eastern Time Zone and Central Time Zone divides the state.

Since 2 April 2006 all of Indiana uses Daylight Savings Time

From 2am EST (7am GMT ) on 2 April 2006 the whole of Indiana adopted Daylight Savings Time .

Most of Indiana is in Eastern Time Zone

Most of Indiana is in the Eastern Time Zone and uses Daylight Savings Time in line with most US states. There are 18 counties (of 77) that are in Central Time Zone - details below.

The following Indiana counties are in Central Time Zone

18 counties are in the Central Time and adopt Daylight Saving Time.

In North-West Indiana 7 counties: Lake, Porter, Laporte, Newton, Jasper, Starke and Pulaski.

In South-West Indiana 11 counties: Knox, Daviess, Martin, Gibson, Pike, Dubois, Posey, Vanderburg, Warrick, Spencer & Perry.


Martin County - moves to Central Time Zone

An report on Martin county, Indiana (15 March 2006) states that the Martin County commissioners have voted to stay on Eastern Time in 2006 instead of switching to Central Time .

It was later reported in their 19 March 2006 edition that "

Martin County Rescinds Time Zone Change Decision: Martin County Commissioners have officially rescinded their decision to go toCentral Time. The switch to Central Time in the county was recently approved byfederal officials, however, commissioners are now concerned about the impact ofthe switch on the Crane Naval Surface Warfare Center. Sixty-seven percent ofCrane’s employees would live in one time zone and work in another without areacounties changing back to Eastern Time."

Pulaski County - moves to Central Time Zone

According to an article in on 7th February 2006 officials in Pulaski County, Indiana, have changed their minds, and want to undo the time-zone change to Central Time Zone , that they asked the federal government to grant a few months ago. "While it's official, it's unofficial: We will not set our clocks with Chicago; we'll set our clocks with Indianapolis (Eastern Time Zone)" said Pulaski County Council President Sam Frain.

But on 28 March 2006 the an article quoted :

" Pulaski County Commissioners on Monday abandoned plans to stay on Eastern time, saying concerns over a possible federal lawsuit outweighed their unhappinessover the U.S. Department of Transportation's decision to move the county to theCentral time zone.

"We caved," said Mike Tiede, president of the Pulaski County Commissioners. "We don't want to spend a bunch of taxpayers' money trying to defend this. The Department of Transportation threatened to hand us over to the Justice Department, and our county can't afford that kind of stuff."


Being out-of-sync with neighbouring states it was argued has a negative economic impact on the state.

In Indiana prior to 2006 the state has three of adoption of time zones:

  1. 77 counties, most of the state of Indiana, are on Eastern Standard Time but do NOT use Daylight Saving Time (DST).  They are in effect on the same time as Eastern Standard Time (e.g. New York) during the Winter and the same time as Central Daylight Saving Time (e.g. Chicago) during Summer.
  2. 5 counties near Chicago, Illinois and 5 counties in the south-western corner of the state are on Central Standard Time and DO use Daylight Saving Time (DST).
  3. 2 counties near Cincinnati, Ohio and 3 counties near Louisville, Kentucky are on Eastern Standard Time but DO observe Daylight Saving Time (DST).

The Indiana state legislature voted to begin observing daylight-saving time in 2006 .

On Thursday, April 28, 2005, The Indiana Legislature voted to approve Daylight Saving Time for Indiana and to petition the US Department of Transportation to hold hearings to determine the location of the dividing line between the Eastern and Central time zones, relative to Indiana.

Currently, the state is in the Eastern Time Zone

US Department of Transportation (DOT) decision

"The General Assembly and Governor of the State of Indiana have asked the Department of Transportation (DOT) to initiate proceedings to hold hearings in the appropriate locations in Indiana on the issue of the location of the boundary between the Eastern and Central Time Zones in Indiana.

The General Assembly and Governor did not, however, take a position on where the boundary should be. This notice initiates those proceedings and invites local officials in Indiana that wish to change their current time zone in accordance with Indiana Senate Enrolled Act 127 (the Act) to notify DOT of their request for a change.

Provided that the submitted petition(s) affirmatively ask for a specific change and provide adequate supporting data, DOT will issue a notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM), which will solicit public comment and schedule public hearings on the proposed time zone boundary language."

Official DOT Notice of Proposed Rule document

The federal government has recommended that five counties, Knox, Perry, Pike, St. Joseph and Starke, fall in the Central Time Zone.

Official DOT Notice of Proposed Rule document, dated 25 October 2005

"DOT tentatively proposes to relocate the time zone boundary in Indiana to move St. Joseph, Starke, Knox, Pike, and Perry Counties from the eastern time zone to the central time zone at the request of the County Commissioners.

We ( the DOT ) are tentatively not proposing to change the time zone boundary to move Marshall, Pulaski, Fulton, Benton, White Carroll, Cass, Vermillion, Sullivan, Daviess, Dubois, Martin, and Lawrence Counties from the eastern time zone to the central time zone based on the petitions from the commissioners in these counties.

If additional information is provided that indicates that the time zone boundary should be drawn differently, either to include counties currently excluded or to exclude counties that are currently included in this proposal, we will make the change at the final rule stage of this proceeding".

Document OST-2005-22114-5314

Standard Time Zone Boundary in the State of Indiana Final Rule

FINAL Official DOT Notice of Proposed Rule document, dated 17 January 2006

FINAL DOT Notice of Proposed Rule document

"DOT is relocating the time zone boundary in Indiana to move Starke, Pulaski, Knox, Daviess, Martin, Pike, Dubois, and Perry Counties from the Eastern Time Zone to the Central Time Zone .

DOT is not changing the time zone boundary to move St. Joseph, Marshall, Fulton, Benton, White, Carroll, Cass, Vermillion, Sullivan, and Lawrence Counties from the Eastern Time Zone to the Central Time Zone .

This action is taken in response to petitions filed by the County Commissioners and extensive comment provided at public hearings and to the docket.".

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