Event Time

Countdown tool and announcer

Create a shareable event

Important: This is only an event time notification. Check your invitation message for event details, how to attend, etc

The Event Time tool allows you to create a reminder that can be shared across all time zones. Participants will see the start of the event in their own local time, automatically.

  • Choose a theme with the blue brush button
  • Give a name or title to your event
  • Pick a date with the calendar button
  • Adjust the time, which is your local time, with the minute and hour dropdown
  • Use the "Create" button to generate your unique countdown page
  • When you have created your announcement, you can add it to your calendar and share the URL. This tool is just a reminder and a countdown, not a link to the event itself.

What is the current time anywhere in the world?

Add a location and view the GMT/UTC offset (time difference in hours)

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