Classical GMT Time Converter

Compare GMT/UTC time differences (offsets)

Try as well the new time zone converter

Classical GMT converter

If you already know the GMT/UTC time difference (offset) required, try this older tool:

Fast and accurate: the location-based time zone converter

The new time converter takes away the hard work of finding out the offset or when Daylight Saving Time (DST) is in use. It provides the time comparison based on the location(s) you choose.

You can then decide which time is best for an event, conference call or meeting that other people, from different time zones, will attend as well.

Time Zone Converter

Check some popular acronyms

Time zones, UTC vs GMT and time difference

  • Time zones are geographical areas that observe the same official time
  • An offset is the difference between time in a certain time zone and Universal Coordinated Time (UTC), whose predecessor is GMT
  • GMT is itself a time zone that has 0 offset from UTC. Even after 1972, when UTC replaced GMT, the latter continued to be widely used in various fields (e.g. aviation and broadcasting)
  • For direct practical purposes, UTC and GMT appear a lot as UTC/GMT, and they are, in clock time, interchangeable

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