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Types of lunar calendars observed around the world

2018 and 2019 dates

There are three main types of lunar calendars: lunar-sidereal, the pure lunar and the lunisolar.

Chinese New Year
Lunar New Year Table

As you can see from the table below, there are many lunar calendars with different cycles.

Lunar calendars around the world
Calendar 2019 2020
Chinese New Year's Eve 5 Feb 25 Jan
Vietnam: Tet Eve 5 Feb 25 Jan
Korea: Seollal Eve 5 Feb 25 Jan
Mongolia: Bituun Eve 5 Feb 23 Feb
Tibet: Losar Eve 5 Feb 24 Feb
Bali: Hari Raya Nyepi Tahrun Baru Saka 6 Mar 25 Mar
Hindu: Ugadi and Gudi Patwa 6 Apr 25 Mar
Punjabi New Year 14 Apr 14 Apr
Sikh New Year 14 Apr 14 Apr
Tamil New Year 14 Apr 14 Apr
Thailand: Songkran 13 Apr 13 Apr
Nepali New Year 14 Apr 14 Apr
Parsi New Year 17 Aug 16 Aug
Moslem: Al Hijra 31 Aug 20 Aug
Israel: Rosh Hashana 29 Sep 19 Sep
Diwali 27 Oct 14 Nov
Gujurat New Year 28 Oct 15 Nov
Solar Season & Lunar Cycle Sun Time indicates solar season. Moon Time animates to current lunar phase.

Check Moon Time app nearer to one of these new year start dates and observe the moon phase leading up to that day. You will find that some new years begin with a full moon whereas others begin with a new moon or even a half moon.

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