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History of Sundials

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Sundials are literally as old as time. Age-old mysteries and wonders inherent in the movement of sun-shadows echo in them. No one knows when man first learned to tell time, but the sundial art was developed by the ancient Egyptians, Babylonians, and Greeks.

Sundials Pendants

Sundial pendants have been worn on clothing for thousands of years to tell the time.

Sundial Accuracy

Did you know that time as measured by the Sun is only accurate 4 days per year!  That is why we have Greenwich Mean Time; where Mean = "average" and is the average length of the day as measured by the Sun at Greenwich, England.  Your sundial can be up to 16 minutes out!  The average sundial will need a conversion table!

Sundials to Visit

The Thames sundial trail in London, England from Houses of Parliament (Big Ben) down the River Thames through Greenwich to the Thames Barrier here .  The sundial trial at the Horniman Museum in London, England.

Sundial Societies

The North America Sundial Society

The UK Sundial site

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