Roll of Honour

In memory of Stan Barett, founder of Greenwich 2000 and

Stan wrote the Roll of Honour when he launched the first site more than
two decades ago. His project is going on.

A very BIG "Thank You" to everyone who has helped develop the Greenwich 2000 sites

This site is dedicated to:

Sydney Thomas Abbott (1900 - 1986)
Olive Agnes Abbott (1898 - 1996)


without whose vision and inspiration this would never have been possible.


Royal Greenwich Observatory, England
US Time Agency, Washington DC, USA
CIA, Washington DC, USA (for use of images and maps)
National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, England
Dickens House, London, England
Greenwich Meridian 2000
London Underground - Jubilee Line Extension
Sir Francis Chichester Archive
British Embassy US Press Office, New York, USA
Greenwich Business Education Partnership
New York Tourism Board
Virgin Radio
HM Navy


Alan Palmer
Nick Schlanker
"Stephen "
John Platt
John Webb
John Bugg
Ronald Schmitt
Thamesmede Gazette
The people, businesses and schools of Greenwich


Peter Marshall
Graeme Webb
Julie Lovis
Dennis Bugg
Randy Schmitt


All the people who have provided links to the site, given out awards and featured the site in the media. Also, of course, the visitors to the site and the feedback that has contributed to the development of the site.

If we have overlooked anyone we apologise.

Thank you all!

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