Greenwich Mean Time

The Prime Meridian at Greenwich, London is the reference for every time zone in the world.

What is Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)?

United Kingdom is now on GMT

10:39:19 AM 20/01/2022GMT +00:00

Time Zone Portal

Interactive day and night map with event time sharing tool

Explore the geography to view current time in different countries

View local current time in any time zone on an interactive map

Choose best time for an event, share it

  • Start by typing a location to see your chosen place on the daylight map.
  • Add other locations for comparison.
  • Your selected locations will appear in the table under the map. Time on each row is local clock time.
  • GMT/UTC difference (offset) in hours is also displayed.
  • Drag the slider to change the time or use the blue "clock" icon to revert to current time.

Local Daylight Saving Time (DST) rules are automatically appplied.

Click/touch on a continent/region to start exploring local times and time differences.

Reveal useful country facts: name of capital city, country area, map, currency, public holidays.

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