Greenwich Mean Time

The Prime Meridian at Greenwich, London is the reference for every time zone in the world.

What is Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)?

United Kingdom is now on GMT

11:04:34 AM 20/01/2022GMT +00:00

Time Zone Abbreviations

List of time zone names and their short form (acronyms)

GMT/UTC time differences or offsets

Check the table for the full name of world time zones and their abbreviated form, in alphabetical order, as well as GMT/UTC offset values. Please advise us of any changes using the feedback form at the bottom of this page.

Note: Certain abbreviations are used for different time zones, e.g IST is either India Standard Time or Irish Summer Time or Israel Standard Time. In some cases, when a country has multiple time zones, only the link to the general time page will be available, e.g Australia.

Clocks displayed for a certain time zone or country always show the current time for that area, adjusted automatically for local Daylight Saving Time (DST) rules. Click on a time zone link to view the time.

AbbrNameGMT/UTC offset
ACDTAustralian Central Daylight TimeGMT/UTC+10:30
ACSTAustralian Central Standard TimeGMT/UTC+9:30
ADTAtlantic Daylight TimeGMT/UTC−3
AEDTAustralian Eastern Daylight TimeGMT/UTC+11
AESTAustralian Eastern Standard TimeGMT/UTC+10
AFTAfghanistan TimeGMT/UTC+4:30
AKDTAlaska Daylight TimeGMT/UTC−8
AKSTAlaska Standard TimeGMT/UTC−9
AMTArmenia TimeGMT+4
ARTArgentina TimeGMT/UTC−3
ASTArabia Standard Time (Riyadh, Baghdad)GMT/UTC+3
ASTAtlantic Standard TimeGMT/UTC−4
AWDTAustralian Western Daylight TimeGMT/UTC+9
AWSTAustralian Western Standard TimeGMT/UTC+8
AZOSTAzores Summer TimeGMT/UTC−1
AZTAzerbaijan TimeGMT/UTC+4
BNTBrunei TimeGMT/UTC+8
BIOTBritish Indian Ocean TimeGMT/UTC+6
BITBaker Island TimeGMT/UTC−12
BOTBolivia TimeGMT/UTC−4
BRTBrasilia Time (Sao Paulo, Rio De Janeiro)GMT/UTC−3
BSTBangladesh Standard TimeGMT/UTC+6
BSTBritish Summer TimeGMT/UTC+1
BTTBhutan TimeGMT/UTC+6
CATCentral Africa TimeGMT/UTC+2
CCTCocos Islands TimeGMT/UTC+6:30
CDTCentral Daylight Time (North America)GMT/UTC−5
CEDT / CESTCentral European Daylight (Summer) TimeGMT/UTC+2
CETCentral European TimeGMT/UTC+1
CHADTChatham Daylight TimeGMT/UTC+13:45
CHASTChatham Standard TimeGMT/UTC+12:45
CISTClipperton Island Standard TimeGMT/UTC−8
CKTCook Island TimeGMT/UTC−10
CLSTChile Summer TimeGMT/UTC−3
CLTChile Standard TimeGMT/UTC−4
COTColombia TimeGMT/UTC−5
CSTCentral Standard Time (North America)GMT/UTC−6
CSTChina Standard TimeGMT/UTC+8
CVTCape Verde TimeGMT/UTC−1
CXTChristmas Island TimeGMT/UTC+7
CHSTChamorro Standard TimeGMT/UTC+10
DFTAIX specific equivalent of Central European TimeGMT/UTC+1
EASTEaster Island Standard TimeGMT/UTC−6
EATEast Africa TimeGMT/UTC+3
ECTEastern Caribbean TimeGMT/UTC−4
ECTEcuador TimeGMT/UTC−5
EDTEastern Daylight Time (North America)GMT/UTC−4
EEDT (EEST)Eastern European Daylight (Summer) TimeGMT/UTC+3
EETEastern European TimeGMT/UTC+2
ESTEastern Standard Time (North America)GMT/UTC−5
FJTFiji Standard TimeGMT/UTC+12
FKSTFalkland Islands Summer TimeGMT/UTC−3
FKTFalkland Islands TimeGMT/UTC−4
GALTGalapagos TimeGMT/UTC−6
GETGeorgia Standard TimeGMT/UTC+4
GFTFrench Guiana TimeGMT/UTC−3
GILTGilbert Island TimeGMT/UTC+12
GITGambier Island TimeGMT/UTC−9
GMTGreenwich Mean TimeGMT/UTC+0
GSTSouth Georgia and the South Sandwich IslandsGMT/UTC−2
GSTGulf Standard Time (Abu Dhabi)GMT/UTC+4
GYTGuyana TimeGMT/UTC−4
HADTHawaii-Aleutian Daylight TimeGMT/UTC−9
HAECHeure Avancée d'Europe Centrale French for CESTGMT/UTC+2
HASTHawaii-Aleutian Standard TimeGMT/UTC−10
HKTHong Kong TimeGMT/UTC+8
HMTHeard and McDonald Islands TimeGMT/UTC+5
HSTHawaii Standard TimeGMT/UTC−10
ICTIndochina TimeGMT/UTC+7
IDTIsrael Daylight TimeGMT/UTC+3
IRKTIrkutsk TimeGMT/UTC+8
IRSTIran Standard TimeGMT/UTC+3:30
ISTIndia Standard TimeGMT/UTC+5:30
ISTIrish Summer TimeGMT/UTC+1
ISTIsrael Standard TimeGMT/UTC+2
JSTJapan Standard TimeGMT/UTC+9
KRATKrasnoyarsk Time (Russia time zone 6)GMT/UTC+7
KSTKorea Standard TimeGMT/UTC+9
LHSTLord Howe Standard TimeGMT/UTC+10:30
LINTLine Islands TimeGMT/UTC+14
MAGTMagadan Time (Russia time zone 10)GMT/UTC+11
MDTMountain Daylight Time (North America)GMT/UTC−6
METMiddle European Time (same as CET)GMT/UTC+1
MESTMiddle European Saving Time (same as CEST)GMT/UTC+2
MITMarquesas Islands TimeGMT/UTC−9:30
MSKMoscow Standard Time (Russia time zone 2)GMT/UTC+3
MST (MYT)Malaysia Standard TimeGMT/UTC+8
MSTMountain Standard Time (North America)GMT/UTC−7
MSTMyanmar Standard TimeGMT/UTC+6:30
MUTMauritius TimeGMT/UTC+4
MYTMalaysian TimeGMT/UTC+8
NDTNewfoundland Daylight TimeGMT/UTC−2:30
NFTNorfolk TimeGMT/UTC+11:30
NPTNepal TimeGMT/UTC+5:45
NSTNewfoundland Standard TimeGMT/UTC−3:30
NZDTNew Zealand Daylight TimeGMT/UTC+13
NZSTNew Zealand Standard TimeGMT/UTC+12
PDTPacific Daylight Time (North America)GMT/UTC−7
PETTKamchatka Time (Russia time zone 11)GMT/UTC+12
PHOTPhoenix Island TimeGMT/UTC+13
PKTPakistan Standard TimeGMT/UTC+5
PSTPacific Standard Time (North America)GMT/UTC−8
PSTPhilippines Standard TimeGMT/UTC+8
RETRéunion TimeGMT/UTC+4
SAMTSamara Time (Russia time zone 3)GMT/UTC+4
SASTSouth African Standard TimeGMT/UTC+2
SBTSolomon Islands TimeGMT/UTC+11
SCTSeychelles TimeGMT/UTC+4
SGTSingapore TimeGMT/UTC+8
SLTSri Lanka TimeGMT/UTC+5:30
SSTSamoa Standard TimeGMT−11
SST (same as SGT)Singapore Standard TimeGMT/UTC+8
TAHTTahiti TimeGMT/UTC−10
THAThailand Standard TimeGMT/UTC+7
UYSTUruguay Summer Time (not in use)GMT/UTC−2
UYTUruguay Standard TimeGMT/UTC−3
VETVenezuelan Standard TimeGMT/UTC−4
VLATVladivostok Time (Russia time zone 9)GMT/UTC+10
WATWest Africa TimeGMT/UTC+1
WEDT (WEST)Western European Daylight (Summer) TimeGMT/UTC+1
WETWestern European TimeGMT/UTC+0
YAKTYakutsk Time (Russia time zone 8)GMT/UTC+9
YEKTYekaterinburg Time (Russia time zone 4)GMT/UTC+5

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