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The City of Cairo is the administrative Capital of Egypt and is a wonder to behold. The famous pyramids are within striking distance as are numerous other historical sites. Cairo is a vibrant city with much to offer.

Egypt Holidays
04/19/2020Coptic Easter Sunday
04/20/2020Sham El Nessim
04/25/2020Sinai Liberation Day
05/01/2020Labour Day
06/30/202030 June Revolution Day
07/23/2020Revolution Day
10/06/2020Armed Forces Day
01/01/2021New Year's Day - Bank Holiday
01/07/2021Coptic Christmas
01/25/2021Revolution Day - January 25
04/25/2021Sinai Liberation Day
05/01/2021Labour Day
05/02/2021Coptic Easter Sunday
05/03/2021Sham El Nessim

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