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Towns & cities in Egypt

What are the major towns & cities of Egypt?

Place Basic name Administrative Division Latitude Longitude
Būr Sacīd Bûr Sa´îd Bûr Sa´îd 31.26°N 32.29°E
Dar-as-Salām Dar-as-Salâm Sawhâj 26.24°N 32.03°E
al-Iskandarīyah al-Iskandarîyah al-Iskandarîyah 31.22°N 29.95°E
al-Jīzah al-Jîzah al-Jîzah 30.01°N 31.21°E
al-Maĥallah al-Kubrā al-Mahallah al-Kubrâ al-Gharbîyah 30.97°N 31.17°E
al-Manşūrah al-Mansûrah ad-Daqahlîyah 31.04°N 31.38°E
al-Qahira   al-Qahira 30.06°N 31.25°E
Šubrā al-Haymah Shubrâ al-Khaymah al-Qalyûbiyah 30.11°N 31.25°E
as-Suways   as-Suways 29.98°N 32.54°E
Ţanţā Tantâ al-Gharbîyah 30.79°N 31.00°E
al-Uqşur al-Uqsur al-Uqsur 25.70°N 32.65°E

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