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Luxor was once the centre of Egyptian power.  It's been said that Luxor is the world's greatest open air museum. One of the places to see is Luxor Temple, started by Amenophis III in c1350BC but added to after his lifetime. 

From Luxor Temple, the Avenue of Ram-Headed Sphinxes will take you in the direction of the Karnak Temple:

Karnak Temple

Karnak Temple

The Karnak Temple is the largest ancient temple complex in Egypt. The Hypostyle Hall is a massive 54,000 square feet and it is the largest room in any religious building in the world.

In Luxor you can also find Tutankhamen's burial chamber in the Valley of the Kings.

Tutankhamun’s burial chamber

Tutankhamen's burial chamber (as it was discovered in 1922)

Though small and unimpressive, Tutankhamen's tomb is probably the most famous, due to its late discovery. The royal seal on the door was found intact. The first three chambers were unadorned, with evidence of early entrance through one of the outside walls.

The next chamber contained most of the funerary objects.

Egypt Holidays
04/19/2020Coptic Easter Sunday
04/20/2020Sham El Nessim
04/25/2020Sinai Liberation Day
05/01/2020Labour Day
06/30/202030 June Revolution Day
07/23/2020Revolution Day
10/06/2020Armed Forces Day
01/01/2021New Year's Day - Bank Holiday
01/07/2021Coptic Christmas
01/25/2021Revolution Day - January 25
04/25/2021Sinai Liberation Day
05/01/2021Labour Day
05/02/2021Coptic Easter Sunday
05/03/2021Sham El Nessim
06/30/202130 June Revolution Day

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