Tunisia Time

Current time now in Tunisia

What is the current local time now in  Tunis, Tunisia Time Zone now?

What Time Zone is Tunisia in?

Tunisia Standard Time = GMT+1

Tunisia is in West Africa Time Zone ( WAT ).

Tunisia Summer Time (when used) = GMT+2

Does Tunisia observe Daylight Saving Time / Summer Time?

2009: Tunisia Summer Time 2009: TUNIS, March 14, 2009 (TAP)- The prime ministry announced, on Friday in a communiqué that, by virtue of a decree under publication, there will be no change in the standard time this year to gain one hour a day from the last Sunday of March to the last Sunday of October.

2010: According to news reports Tunis confirmed not to use DST again in 2010 "The Tunisian government has decided to abandon DST, which was scheduled on Sunday ...Tunisian authorities had suspended the DST for the first time last year also coincided with the month of Ramadan..."
(in Arabic) http://www.almadenahnews.com/newss/news.php?c=118&id=38036

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