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Towns & cities in Bahrain?

What are the major towns & cities of Bahrain?

Manama Manāmah Manâmah Manamah

Place Basic name Administrative
Latitude Longitude
al-Manāmah al-Manâmah al-Manâmah 26.21°N 50.58°E
ar-Rifaca ar-Rifa´a ar-Rifa´a 26.12°N 50.54°E
al-Muĥarraq al-Muharraq al-Muharraq 26.26°N 50.62°E
cĪsā ´Îsâ ´Îsâ 26.17°N 50.55°E
Sitrah Sitrah 26.15°N 50.63°E
Jidd Ĥafş Jidd Hafs Jidd Hafs 26.22°N 50.53°E

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