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Places of interest in Indore:

Lalbagh Palace -one of the grandest monuments the Holkar dynasty left toIndore city. It is a blend of the baroque and renaissance styles, and in itsdays was one of the most elegant residences in India. It is lavishly decoratedin the style of Versailles Palace.

The Kanch Mandir (Glass Temple)- a marvel in glass. The walls, ceiling,floor, pillars, doors are entirely inlaid with glass.

Rajwada (Holkar Palace) - a seven storied building, built over twocenturies ago. Rajwada was burnt three times in its history, and the last one in1984 was the most devastating (only the facade remains).

Khajrana - many citizens of Indore have a great faith in this Ganeshtemple made by Ahilya Bai. They believe that praying here fulfils one's wishes.

Mahatma Gandhi Hall - one of the most beautiful buildings in Indore. Builtin 1904 and originally named as King Edward Hall, was renamed as Mahatma GandhiHall in 1948.

Indore Museum -the museum houses the finest collection of Parmarsculptures from Hinglajgarh. It is also known for its collection of coins, armsand armours.

Chhappan Bazar and Sarafa- Chhappan Bazar has many shops sellingmouth-watering "Chaat" and related things. Sarafa is a jewellery market during daytime. At night, the place is transformed into a large Indian fast food centre.


Indore is well connected by road, rail and air to rest of the country. IndianAirlines and other air carriers operate flights from Delhi , Mumbai and Bhopal toIndore. Private buses also connect Indore to other major cities.

Local transport: mainly city bus services, auto rickshawsand cycle rickshaws.

Indore Airport code : IDR

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