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Indian Time Today (IST)

India Standard Time

ATA - Time Signal

Today the ATA the signal is controlled by the National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi, India

The National Physical Laboratory is the premier research laboratory in India in the field of physical sciences. Established in 1947, it is one of the oldest laboratories of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research.

Time at Facilities The National Physical Laboratory, India

Time and frequency measurements, the calibration services offered to users at NPL include:

Caesium and rubidium atomic clocks

HF broadcast  service  operating  at  10  MHz  under  call  sign  ATA  to synchronise the  user clock  within a  millisecond

INSAT  satellite based standard  time  &  frequency  broadcast  service  offers  Indian Standard Time  correct upto  ±10 microsecond and frequency calibration upto ±10-10. The ATA and INSAT systems provide time synchronization and frequency calibration on a continuous basis

Equipment Used for Calibration The National Physical Laboratory

The time and frequency standards at NPL are maintained with the help of four atomic  caesium standards 

Time  and frequency  calibrations are made with  the  help  of  pico-  and  nano-seconds  time  interval  and frequency counters and phase recorders

Accuracies available for Timeinterval (Frequency).

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