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Towns & cities in Israel

What are the major towns & cities of Israel?

Place Administrative
Latitude Longitude
Yerushalayim Yerushalayim 31.78°N 35.22°E
Tel Aviv-Yafo Tel Aviv 32.07°N 34.77°E
Hefa Khefa 32.82°N 34.99°E
Rishon LeẔiyyon Hamerkaz 31.96°N 34.80°E
Ashdod Hadaron 31.80°N 34.64°E
Be'er Sheva Hadaron 31.25°N 34.80°E
Petah Tiqwa Hamerkaz 32.09°N 34.88°E
Netanya Hamerkaz 32.33°N 34.86°E
Holon Tel Aviv 32.02°N 34.76°E
Bene Beraq Hamerkaz 32.09°N 34.85°E
Bat Yam Tel Aviv 32.02°N 34.75°E
Ramat Gan Tel Aviv 32.08°N 34.80°E
Ashqelon Hadaron 31.67°N 34.56°E
Rehovot Hamerkaz 31.89°N 34.80°E
Herzeliyya Tel Aviv 32.17°N 34.84°E
Kefar Sava Hamerkaz 32.19°N 34.91°E
Hadera Khefa 32.45°N 34.92°E
Ra'anana Hamerkaz 32.19°N 34.88°E
Lod Hamerkaz 31.96°N 34.90°E
Ramla Hamerkaz 31.93°N 34.86°E

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