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Where is Jordan?

Jordan is in the Middle East, northwest of Saudi Arabia.

What is the Capital of Jordan?

Amman , Jordan.

What is the official language of Jordan?

The official language of Jordan is Arabic.

When are the Public Holidays in Jordan?

January 1 New Year
January 30 King Abdullah’s Birthday
Shawal 1st for 3 Days Eid Al Fitr
Shawal 1st for 3 Days Eid Al Adha
Muharram 1st Hijra New Year
May 1 Labor Day
May 25 Independence Day
12 Rabi' 1 Prophet’s Birthday
November 14 King Hussein Remembrance Day
November 16 El Issra’ Wall-Mi’raj
December 25 Christmas

What is the flag of Jordan?

Three equal horizontal bands of black (top, the Abbassid Caliphate of Islam), white (the Ummayyad Caliphate of Islam), and green (the Fatimid Caliphate of Islam) with a red isosceles triangle (representing the Great Arab Revolt of 1916) based on the hoist side bearing a small white seven-pointed star symbolizing the seven verses of the opening Sura (Al-Fatiha) of the Holy Koran; the seven points on the star represent faith in One God, humanity, national spirit, humility, social justice, virtue, and aspirations.

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