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Kazakhstan Time

What is the international telephone dialling code for Kazakhstan?

The international dialling code for Kazakhstan is +7.

What is the Capital of Kazakhstan?

Astana (since December 10, 1997).

What is the Independence Day of Kazakhstan?

: December 16, 1991.

What is the Monetary unit of Kazakhstan?

Tenge – equal to 100 tyins. It was introduced on November 15, 1993.

What is the Population of Kazakhstan?

15,4 million people (2007); density - 5,5 people per 1 sq km.

What is geographical location of Kazakhstan?

Central Asian region, deep in the Eurasian continent; south of Russia and northwest of China.

What is the territory of  Kazakhstan?

Kazakhstan occupies 2724 900 sq km (i.e. 1049 150 sq miles) thus being the 9th largest country of the world.

What Borders Kazakhstan?

Total length is 13 095 km with a sea border of 2964 km. The borderline between Kazakhstan and Russia - 7.512 km - is the longest land border in the world. Kazakhstan also borders China to the east for 1782,75 km, to the south - Turkmenistan for 426 km, Uzbekistan for 2134,2 km. and Kyrgyzstan for 1241,58 km. Kazakhstan has long coastline - it borders the Aral Sea, now split into two bodies of water, for 1,070 km, and the Caspian Sea for 1,894 km.

What is the climate of Kazakhstan?

: The climate of the country is sharply continental. Average temperature in January varies within - 19° - - 4° C while average July temperature fluctuates within + 19° - + 26° C. The lowest temperature in winter may go down to - 45° C with the highest one in summer + 30° C.

What are the languages of Kazakhstan?

Kazakh (Qazaq, state language) 64.4%, Russian (used in everyday business, designated the "language of interethnic communication") 95% (2001 estimates)

Official Languages of Kazakhstan

One of  the official languages of Kazakhstan is Russian.

What are the Administrative Divisions of Kazakhstan?

Administratively Kazakhstan is comprised of 14 regions (oblasts), 84, 159 districts, 241 settlements, 2,042 rural (aul) counties.

The Republic of Kazakhstan is well known for rather unique natural and geographic conditions.

Southern Kazakhstan ( Almaty, Jambyl, South-Kazakhstan and Kyzylorda regions) is an area rich with ancient history and culture known for such famous monuments of medieval architecture as mausoleums of Aisha-Bibi, Karakhan, Babadzha-Khatun in Taraz, an architectural ensemble of Khodja Akhmet Yasavi in Turkestan, etc.  It is the region that has played host to the world-famous space-vehicle launching site Baikonyr.

West Kazakhstan ( Aktobe, Atyrau, Mangystau regions) is situated on the crossroads of the European and Asian continents in the basin of the Caspian Sea, the Volga and the Urala. It is the location of the world second deepest depression – that of Kargije lying 132 m below sea level, remarkable chalky rocks.

North Kazakhstan ( Kostanay, North-Kazakhstan and Pavlodar regions). Health resorts of Kokshetau, Bayan-aul, Muyaldy offer fine rehabilitation opportunities while natural preserves Kurgaldzhino and Naurzum would be quite interesting for amateurs of “cognitive” tourism.

Central Kazakhstan ( Karagandy region) displays to perfect advantage one of the largest lakes of the world – the lake of Balkhash supplemented by a unique mountainous and forest oasis. The area harbors plenty of memorable places exhibiting various archaeological and ethnographic relics.

East Kazakhstan is represented by the Altai and its wooded foothills, the river of Irtysh and such lakes as Zaisan, Markakol, Alakol, Sauskan. Fairly rich are flora and fauna of the region.

What are the Major Cities of Kazakhstan?

Astana, Almaty (former capital), Karaganda, Shymkent, Pavlodar, Taraz, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Uralsk, Kostanay, Aktobe, Petropavlovsk, Semey, Aktau, Atyrau, Kokshetau.

What are the public holidays of of Kazakhstan?

1-2 January – New Year
8 March - International Women's Day
22 March - Nauryz Meiramy (the holiday of Nauryz)
1 May - Unity Day of the People of Kazakhstan
9 May - Victory Day
6 July - Day of Astana
30 August – Day of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan
25 October – Republic Day

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