Kazakhstan Time

What is the current local time now in Kazakhstan Time Zones?

Changes to timekeeping in Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan eliminated daylight saving time (summer time) in 2005.

Kazakhstan merged its Western and Central Time Zones. The new Western Time Zone is on GMT+5.

The main time zone and that of the old capital, Almaty, is the Eastern Kazakhstan Time Zone.

Kazakhstan East Time Zone

Almaty, Semey

What is the local time in the main Kazakhstan Time Zone?

Time Zone = GMT+6

Kazakhstan West Time Zone

Merged with Kazakhstan Central Time Zone in 2005.

Kazakhstan Central Time Zone

Aqtau, Astana, Atyrai, Baykonur, Kyzl Orda,

Merged with, and renamed, Kazakhstan West Time Zone in 2005

What is the local time in Kazakhstan West Time Zone?

Time Zone = GMT+5

What Time Zone is Kazakhstan in?

There are two time zones:

Kazakhstan Eastern Standard Time is is 6 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time ( GMT+6 ).

Kazakhstan Western Standard Time  ( merged with Kazakhstan Central Standard Time) is 5 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time ( GMT+5 ).

Does Kazakhstan operate Daylight Saving (Summer) Time?

Kazakhstan does not operate Daylight-Saving Time (since 2005)

What is the international telephone dialling code for Kazakhstan?

The international dialling code for Kazakhstan is +7.

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