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Towns & cities in Cuba

What are the major towns & cities of Cuba?


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La Habana
Ciudad de la Habana 23.13°N 82.39°W
Santiago de Cuba Santiago de Cuba 20.01°N 75.82°W
Camagüey Camagüey 21.40°N 77.91°W
Holguín Holguín 20.89°N 76.25°W
Guantánamo Guantánamo 20.15°N 75.22°W
Santa Clara Villa Clara 22.41°N 79.97°W
Bayamo Granma 20.38°N 76.65°W
Pinar del Rio Pinar del Río 22.41°N 83.70°W
Cienfuegos Cienfuegos 22.16°N 80.45°W
Las Tunas Las Tunas 20.97°N 76.95°W
Matanzas Matanzas 23.06°N 81.58°W
Sancti Spíritus Sancti Spíritus 21.93°N 79.44°W
Manzanillo Granma 20.35°N 77.12°W
Ciego de Ávila Ciego de Ávila 21.85°N 78.76°W
Palma Soriano Santiago de Cuba 20.22°N 76.00°W

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