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Towns & cities in Dominican Republic

What are the major towns & cities of Dominican Republic?

Place Administrative Division Latitude Longitude
Azua Azua 18.46°N 70.74°W
Bajos de Haina San Cristóbal 18.42°N 70.03°W
Baní Peravia 18.29°N 70.33°W
Barahona Barahona 18.21°N 71.10°W
Bonao Monseñor Nouel 18.95°N 70.41°W
Comendador Elías Piña 18.87°N 71.70°W
Constanza La Vega 18.91°N 70.75°W
Consuelo San Pedro de Macorís 18.56°N 69.30°W
Cotuí Sánchez Ramírez 19.06°N 70.15°W
Dajabón Dajabón 19.55°N 71.71°W
El Seybo El Seybo 18.77°N 69.04°W
Santiago Santiago 19.48°N 70.69°W
Santo Domingo Distrito Nacional 18.48°N 69.91°W

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