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Timothy Beach Resort - Facilities

Snorkelling at the reef and water sports just steps from our front door. In addition, a golf course and tennis courts are available nearby. Side excursions such as rainforest hikes, scuba diving, sea kayaking, or deep sea fishing - or do anything else to make your vacation the exciting adventure you deserve.

St Kitts: Timothy Beach Resort - sunset

Some facilities at the Timothy Beach Resort:



swimming pool

water sports


golf (nearby)

tennis (nearby)

Golf is abundantly played in St. Kitts, actually right across the street from Timothy Beach you will find that the golf green is as close as 2 minutes walk. If tennis what your looking for, a 5-minute drive or a 10-minute walk is all you need to get to the closest tennis court, play against other guests or your friends.

For divers there are manmade reefs such as old freighters and wrecked ships. There are hundreds of historic wrecks around the islands yet to be discovered. The underwater sea life is abundant and very beautiful. For snorkelers, there are quite a few spots for offshore snorkelling located mainly in the vicinities of Frigate Bay and the South Peninsula.

800 feet above sea level, stands a massive fortress. Historically, it commands outstanding views of the Caribbean, including Nevis, Montserrat, Saba, St. Martin, and St. Bart. Brimstone Hill sprawls over 38 acres. Defended by seven-foot-thick walls of black volcanic stone, there is where you get the name "Brimstone." In 1782 Brimstone Hill had been under continuous construction for almost nine decades. (Slave labor was used) In February of 1782, a French fleet of nearly 50 ships appeared on the horizon off St. Kitts and Nevis. Headed by Admiral Count Francois de Grasse, whose flagship was the huge 130-gun Vill de Paris, the fleet had been dispatched to force the British from the rich sugar colonies of St. Kitts & Nevis. That meant to dislodge the British from Brimstone Hill, otherwise know as the "Gibraltar of the West Indies"

8,000 French siege forces, supported by de Grasse's, calmly set to their task. After a month of continuous bombardment, and despite staunch resistance by Brimstone's 1,000 British troops, the French succeeded finally in punching 40-foot holes in the thick walls. Knowing their situation finally to be without hope, the British surrendered. The French siege commander, the Marquis de Bouille, paid tribute to their heroic defence by allowing the British garrison to leave Brimstone Hill as an undefeated force, in full uniform and with standards held aloft. One year later, when the treaty of Versailles returned St. Kitts to British rule, the same honour was accorded to the French garrison.

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