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...now imagine that time magnified; then youโ€™ll have some idea of what to expect in Trinidad and Tobago.

Remember the most exhilarating time youโ€™ve ever had, with the most enchanting company, in the most memorable of places...

This most southerly destination in the Caribbean chain of islands fulfils all your expectations of the all-in-one exotic getaway. Trinidad, unsurpassed in its ability to turn any event into a fete, will keep you on the go at a steady pace from all-inclusive parties, to beach outings (limes), to rainforest hikes. Tobago, the smaller of the two, with its life-in-the-tropics allure, offers palm-fringed beaches and tropical breezes for a mellowing effect. But so easygoing โ€” and diverse โ€” is the makeup of both Trinidad and Tobago, your vacation can be whatsoever you choose to make of it.

If youโ€™re looking for sun-and-sea siestas, or more sporty surfing and diving action, the beach options in both islands are several. Festivals abound in this country; just time your visit right and you can be part of the raving Trinidad Carnival or the traditions of the Tobago Heritage Festival โ€” just to name two. And at any time of year, nightlife is always alive! Local theatre, fine dining and art galleries provide more subdued entertainment.

Tobago is the beautiful little sister island of Trinidad, which lies windward, 32km (20 miles) to the north-east of Venezuela and 250km (c.150 miles) to the south of Barbados.

Tropical and unrivalled. There is only one description for it: luxuriant, pure and unspoilt. It lies in complete harmony with white sand beaches, idyllic bays, clear-blue seas, crystal clear waters, colourful, unspoilt coral reefs, unique undersea world, waving palms and tropical rainforest.

It is ideally proportioned: 41km in length and 11km wide. Year round sunshine, trade winds that provide cooling breezes. In short, a pleasant tropical climate.

Air and water temperatures are pleasantly warm throughout the year.

The average temperature is 27ยบC (80ยบF) during the day and 23ยบC (73ยบF) at night.

The rainy season lasts from June - November, but the rain is far from incessant.

Persistent rain is a rare occurrence. The rain showers are mostly brief and heavy, after which the sun soon breaks through again. The mild dry season from December - April is also the high season.

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