European Union (EU)

Western, Central and Eastern European Time

The member states of the European Union use three major time zones

GMT and current time across European Union

GMTWestern European TimeCentral European TimeEastern European Time

Time in European cities

European Union Member States

Austria (EU) Austria Latvia Latvia (EU)
Belgium (EU) Belgium Lithuania Lithuania (EU)
Bulgaria Bulgaria Luxembourg Luxembourg (EU)
Cyprus (EU) Cyprus Malta Malta (EU)
Croatia Croatia The Netherlands The Netherlands (Holland) (EU)
the Czech Republic (EU) Czech Republic Poland Poland (EU)
Denmark (EU) Denmark Portugal Portugal (EU)
Estonia (EU) Estonia Romania Romania
Finland (EU) Finland Slovakia Slovakia (EU)
France (EU) France Slovenia Slovenia (EU)
Germany (EU) Germany Spain Spain (EU)
Greece (EU) Greece Sweden Sweden (EU)
Hungary (EU) Hungary
Ireland (Irish Republic) (EU) Ireland
Italy (EU) Italy

EU Candidate Countries


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