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Belgium Flag

What is the flag of Belgium?

The flag of Belgium consists of three equal vertical bands of black (hoist side), yellow, and red; the design was based on the flag of France.

Coat of Arms of Belgium

The Coat of Arms of Belgium contains a pair of lions (called the Belgian Lion, or Leo Belgicus), that are the national symbols of the nation. In the center is a shield containing a traditional lion symbol. The coat of arms consists of a jacket that represents the monarchy, inside which are the aforementioned lions and a banner with the national motto. The national motto is either L'union fait la force (French) or Eendracht maakt macht (Dutch), which means Strength lies in unity.

Each lion holds a Flag of Belgium, while the original flags of the individual 9 provinces of Belgium (now there are 10) rise up from behind the royal coat. The top of the coat contains a crown.

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