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Current time and countries in the CET (Central European Time) time zone

Daylight Saving Time rules

Current daylight saving dates for Europe

European clocks are now on:


  • Standard Time began: Sunday 27 October 2019ย  01:00 GMT. Clocks went back one hour.
  • Standard Time ends: Sunday 29 March 2020ย  01:00 GMT. Clocks go forward one hour.

UK and Europe Clock Change Rules

Countries and territories using CET

Albania flag Albania Time (non-EU)
Andorra flag Andorra Time (non-EU)
Austria (EU) flag Austria Time
Belgium (EU) flag Belgium Time
Bosnia flag Bosnia Time (non-EU)
Croatia flag Croatia Time
What is the time in the Czech Republic (EU)? Czech Republic Time
What is the time in Denmark (EU)? Denmark Time
What is the time in France (EU)? France Time
What is the time in Germany (EU)? Germany Time
ย  Gibraltar Time
What is the time in Hungary (EU)? Hungary Time
What is the time in Italy (EU)? Italy Time
Liechtenstein Time (non-EU)
What is the time in Luxembourg (EU)? Luxembourg Time
North Macedonia Time (non-EU)
Malta Time What is the time in Malta (EU)?
Monaco Time (non-EU)
Montenegro Time (non-EU)
The Netherlands Time What is the time in The Netherlands (Holland) (EU)?
Norway Time (non-EU)
Poland Time What is the time in Poland (EU)?
San Marino Time (non-EU)
Serbia Time (non-EU)
Slovakia Time What is the time in Slovakia (EU)?
Slovenia Time What is the time in Slovenia (EU)?
Spain Time What is the time in Spain (EU)?
Sweden Time What is the time in Sweden (EU)?
Switzerland Time (non-EU)
Vatican City Time (non-EU)
Did you know?

Check the World Clock and let the Time Zone Converter show you the actual time difference. You can choose any location, CET and GMT are just the defaults.

Convert GMT to Central European Time

GMT Time converter, compare Central European Time and GMT. Enter your location or any placename for more comparisons.

CET and Daylight Saving Time (DST)
  • Central European Standard Time (abbreviated as CET) is 1 hour ahead of GMT. The GMT/UTC offset is GMT plus one hour
  • EU Time Zone abbreviations: CET, MEZ (Mitteleuropรคische Zeit)
  • Like most of Europe, summer or Daylight Saving Time (DST) is observed in CET, where the time is shifted forward by 1 hour. The time difference becomes GMT plus 2 hours
  • EU Summer Time Zone abbreviations: CEST (Central European Summer Time), CEDT (Central European Daylight Time), MESZ (Mitteleuropรคische Sommerzeit)

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