Denmark, Europe(EU)

Geographical location and current time

Time zone and Daylight Saving Time (DST) rules

Denmark is the smallest and southernmost Nordic country, located in Scandinavia which is in northern Europe.

Denmark borders the Baltic Sea and the North Sea, and consists of a peninsulaattached to Northern Germany named Jutland (Jylland), the islands Funen (Fyn),Zealand (Sjælland), Bornholm and many smaller islands, the waters of which areoften referred to as the Danish Archipelago.  Denmark lies north of Germany (its only land neighbour), southwest of Sweden , and south of Norway.

The Kingdom of Denmark (Kongeriget Danmark) is made up of Denmark and its two Crown territories, Greenland and the Faeroe Islands.

Current time now in Denmark

Denmark, which is a member of the European Union (EU) is in theCentral European Time Zone (CET)

Central EuropeanStandard Time is one hour ahead of GMT/UTC or GMT+1
Central EuropeanSummer Time is 2 hours ahead of GMT/UTC or GMT+2

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