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Estonia - Flag

What is the flag of Estonia?


Flag Description:
pre-1940 flag restored by Supreme Soviet in May 1990 - three equal horizontal bands of blue (top), black, and white

Coat of Arms of Estonia

Greater Coat of Arms

Lesser Coat of Arms

Valdemar II of Denmark granted the city of Tallinn (a town settled by Danes) a coat of arms showing three lions, similar to the heraldry of Denmark.

Catherine II of Russia assigned a similar heraldic device to the Russian province of Estonia on October 4, 1788.

The Riigikogu (parliament of the Republic of Estonia) adopted the state coat of arms on the June 19, 1925. The arms were suppressed under the occupation of Estonia by the Soviet Union from 1940.

The use of the historic coat of arms was re-established on August 7, 1990 and regulated by the Law on State Coat of Arms of April 6, 1993.

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