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City of Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt am Main, commonly known simply as Frankfurt, is the largest city in the German state of Hesse and the fifth-largest city in Germany. Situated on the Main River, Frankfurt is the financial and transportation centre of Germany and the largest financial centre in continental Europe. It is home to the European Central Bank, the German Federal Bank, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and the Frankfurt Trade Fair. Frankfurt Airport is one of the world's busiest International airports, and is the biggest cargo airport in Europe.

The city of Frankfurt contains one of the two tallest skyscrapers in the European Union, the Commerzbank Tower and Messeturm. Bartholomew's Cathedral is a Gothic building which was constructed in the 14th and 15th centuries and is the main church of Frankfurt. From 1356 onwards, kings of the Holy Roman Empire were elected in this church, and from 1562 to 1792, the roman-German emperors were crowned here. The famous old opera house was built in 1880. It was one of the major opera houses in Germany until it was heavily damaged in World War II. Until the late 1970s it was nicknamed "Germany's Most Beautiful Ruin" and there were even efforts to blow it up. Due to public pressure, it was fully reconstructed and reopened in 1981. Today it functions as a concert hall.

The Zeil is Frankfurt's main shopping street and one of the most crowded in Germany. The street is a pedestrian-only area and is bordered by two large plazas. During the month before Christmas, the extended pedestrian-only zone is host to the fifth largest Christmas Market in Germany.
A major festival in the city is the Museums Riverbank Festival. It is one of the biggest cultural festivals in Germany which attracts more than 3 million visitors. It takes place yearly at the end of August on both sides of the Main Riverbank in the city centre. More than 20 museums are located there and they are open far into the night. Furthermore, there are special attractions like live-bands, dance shows, several booths for crafts, jewellery, clothes and food from all around the world. It ends with a spectacular firework display.

Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt Airport code is: FRA

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