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Nuremberg (in German: Nürnberg) is a city in the German state of Bavaria,situated on the Pegnitz river and the Rhine-Main-Danube Canal. Nuremberg Airporthas flights to major German cities and many European destinations. For manypeople, the city is still associated with its traditional gingerbread (Lebkuchen)products, sausages, and handmade toys. The Nuremberg International Toy Fair isthe largest of its kind in the world. The city also hosts several specialisthi-tech fairs every year, attracting experts from every corner of the globe.Nuremberg is also famous for its Christmas market, which draws well over amillion shoppers each year. The market is famous for its handmade ornaments anddelicacies.
The three castles that tower over the city include central burgraves' castle,with Free Reich's buildings to the east and the Imperial castle to the west.Heilig-Geist-Spital, in the centre of the city, on the bank of the river Pegnitz,stands the Hospital of the Holy Spirit. Founded in 1332, this is one of thelargest hospitals of the Middle Ages. Other landmarks in the city are theHauptmarkt, which provides a picturesque setting and famous market forgingerbread and the Gothic Schöner Brunnen (Beautiful Fountain) which waserected around 1385 but subsequently replaced with a replica (the originalfountain is kept in the Germanisches Nationalmuseum). The unchanged Renaissancebridge Fleischbrücke crosses the Pegnitz nearby.

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