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Stuttgart is the capital of the state of Baden-Württemberg in southernGermany.
Stuttgart is spread across a variety of hills, valleysand parks, which is unusual for a German city. Stuttgart is served by StuttgartAirport, an International airport and Germany's only city airport with onerunway. At the centre of Stuttgart lies its main square, Schlossplatz. As wellas being the largest square in Stuttgart, it stands at the crossover pointbetween the city's shopping area, Schlossgarten park which runs down to theriver Neckar, Stuttgart's two central castles and major museums and residentialareas to the south west. Königstraße, Stuttgart's most important shopping streetwhich runs along the north western edge of Schlossplatz, claims to be thelongest pedestrianised street in Germany.
Although the city centre was heavily damaged during World War II, many historicbuildings have been reconstructed and the city boasts some fine pieces of modernpost-war architecture.Stuttgart is known for its rich cultural heritage, in particular its StateTheatre (Staatstheater) and State Gallery (Staatsgalerie). The Staatstheater ishome to the State opera and three smaller theatres and it regularly stagesopera, ballet and theatre productions as well as concerts.
Museums in the city include the Old State Gallery, which holds art dating from the 14thto 19th century and next door to the Old State Gallery is the New State Gallery(1980) with its controversial modern architecture.
Stuttgart is still one of Germany's largest wine-growing cities with more than400 hectares of vine area, thanks in main to its location at the centre ofGermany's fourth largest wine region.

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