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Germany Telephone code

International Phoneย  codes for Germany

The international country calling code of Germany is +49

Germany international telephone code

Germany City Area Telephone codes

+49 30 Berlinย 
+49 228 Bonnย 
+49 421 Bremenย 
+49 231 Dortmundย 
+49 351 Dresden
+49 211 Dรผsseldorf
+49 361 Erfurt
+49 69 Frankfurt
+49 40 Hamburg
+49 511 Hanover / Hannover
+49 221 Kรถln
+49 341 Leipzig
+49 89ย  Munich

Germany Mobile Telephone Operators and codes

Mobile numbers in Germany are portable, which means mobile area codes are no longer guaranteed to be associated with a particular operator.

T Mobile


Deutsche Telekom: www.telekom.com

For example, to call Germany, you will need to dial: International Access code + 49 +ย  The Number


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