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Towns & cities in Greece

What are the major towns & cities of Greece?

Place Greek Administrative Division Latitude Longitude
Athína ( Athens ) At+é*na Attikí 37.98°N 23.72°E
Thessaloníki (Salonica)
Also: Thessalonike, Thessalonica, Salonika, Saloniki
T+essaloni*ké Thessaloníki 40.64°N 22.95°E
Piraeus Peiraióß Attikí 37.94°N 23.64°E
Pátra (Patras) Pa*tra Ahaia 38.24°N 21.73°E
Peristérion Periste*rion Attikí 38.01°N 23.70°E
Iráklion Éra*kleion Iráklion 35.33°N 25.14°E
Lárisa La*risa Lárisa 39.63°N 22.42°E
Kallithéa Kallit+e*a Attikí 37.95°N 23.70°E
Níkaia Ni*kaia Attikí 37.97°N 23.65°E
Kalamariá Kalamaria* Thessaloníki 40.58°N 22.97°E
Vólos Bo*loß Magnisía 39.37°N 22.94°E
Néa Liósia Ne*a Lio*sia Attikí 38.03°N 23.71°E
Glifáda Glyfa*da Attikí 37.87°N 23.75°E
Keratsínion Keratsi*nion Attikí 37.97°N 23.62°E
Ilioúpoli Élioy*polé Attikí 37.93°N 23.76°E
Zográfos Zógra*foß Attikí 37.98°N 23.77°E
Aharna Aharna Attikí 38.06°N 23.73°E
Halándrion Hala*ndrion Attikí 38.02°N 23.80°E
Aiyáleo Aiga*leó Attikí 37.99°N 23.68°E
Néa Smírni Ne*a Smy*rné Attikí 37.94°N 23.70°E

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