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Towns & cities in Ireland

What are the major towns & cities of Ireland?

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Place Administrative
Latitude Longitude
Dublin Dublin 53.33°N 6.25°W
Cork Cork 51.90°N 8.47°W
Limerick Limerick 52.67°N 8.63°W
Galway Galway 53.28°N 9.06°W
Waterford Waterford 52.26°N 7.13°W
Dundalk Louth 54.02°N 6.42°W
Bray Wicklow 53.21°N 6.11°W
Drogheda Louth 53.72°N 6.36°W
Swords Dublin 53.45°N 6.22°W
Tralee Kerry 52.28°N 9.72°W
Kilkenny Kilkenny 52.66°N 7.26°W
Ennis Clare 52.86°N 8.99°W
Sligo Sligo 54.28°N 8.48°W
Athlone Westmeath 53.42°N 7.95°W
Wexford Wexford 52.34°N 6.48°W
Naas Kildare 53.22°N 6.68°W
Clonmel Tipperary South Riding 52.36°N 7.71°W
Carlow Carlow 52.84°N 6.92°W
Newbridge Kildare 53.18°N 6.80°W
Navan Meath 53.66°N 6.69°W

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