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Towns & cities in Italy

What are the major towns & cities of Italy?

Administrative and geographical information

Place Administrative Division Latitude Longitude
Roma ( Rome ) Lazio 41.89┬░N 12.50┬░E
Milano ( Milan ) Lombardia 45.48┬░N 9.19┬░E
Napoli ( Naples ) Campania 40.85┬░N 14.27┬░E
Torino (Turin) Piemonte 45.08┬░N 7.68┬░E
Palermo Sicilia 38.12┬░N 13.36┬░E
Genova Liguria 44.42┬░N 8.93┬░E
Bologna Emilia-Romagna 44.50┬░N 11.34┬░E
Firenze ( Florence ) Toscana 43.78┬░N 11.24┬░E
Bari Puglia 41.12┬░N 16.87┬░E
Catania Sicilia 37.50┬░N 15.08┬░E
Venezia ( Venice ) Veneto 45.43┬░N 12.33┬░E
Verona Veneto 45.44┬░N 10.99┬░E
Messina Sicilia 38.19┬░N 15.55┬░E
Trieste Friuli-Venezia Giulia 45.65°N 13.77°E
Padova Veneto 45.41┬░N 11.87┬░E
Taranto Puglia 40.48┬░N 17.24┬░E
Brescia Lombardia 45.55┬░N 10.22┬░E
Reggio di Calabria Calabria 38.11°N 15.65°E
Modena Emilia-Romagna 44.65┬░N 10.92┬░E
Prato Toscana 43.89┬░N 11.09┬░E

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