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Latvia Telephone Code

International Phones for Latvia

Latvia International telephone code

The International country calling code of Latvia is +371

Latvia City Area Telephone Codes

+371 39 Bauska
+371 30 Jelgava
+371 40 Limbazi
+371 38 Saldus
+371 7 Riga  NB: Riga is 7xxx xxx (new 7 digit Local Numbers do not require an area code)


Latvia Mobile Telephone Codes/Operators

There are 4 mobile operators (LMT, Tele2, Bite, Triatel), all mobile phone numbers starts with "2" and have 8 digits (without country code), example: +371 2 63 12345 fixed numbers starts with "6" and have 8 digits too. example: + 371 6 75 12345




For example, to call Latvia, you will need to dial: International Access Code + 371 +  The Number


Country Code Major Cities Area Codes






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