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Romania Flag

Flag of Romania

Flag of Romania

Romanian Flag Description

The Romania flag consists of 3 equal vertical bands of blue (hoist side), yellow, and red; the national coat of arms that used to be centred in the yellow band has been removed; now similar to the flag of Chad, also resembles the flags of Andorra and Moldova

Coat of Arms of Romania

The Coat of Arms of Romania consists of an eagle holding a cross in its beak and a sceptre and a sword in its claws.

The shield in front of the eagle is divided in five parts, one for each historical province of Romania, with its traditional symbol:

  • eagle - Wallachia - the eagle has its origin in Byzantine coat of arms, while the sun and the moon have their origin in Romanian folklore.
  • aurochs - Moldavia - has its origin in the legend of the founding of Moldova
  • dolphins - Dobrogea - the Short-beaked Common Dolphins live in Black Sea
  • lammergeier (bearded vulture) - Transylvania - the seven towers signify the seven German cities of Siebenburgen (Siebenburgen is the German name for Transylvania, and it actually means "seven cities" in German)
  • lion - Banat - the bridge signifies Trajan's bridge

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