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Timisoara Airport

The first airport in Timisoara was built a few kilometres further than its actual location, in Mosnita Veche village. The first plane landed on the runway of “Timisoara Commual Airport” on 17 July 1935.

Timisoara International Airport Code: TSR

Official Name: Aeroportul International Timisoara "Traian Vuia"

Since the 6 January 2003, the airport borrowed the name of the pioneer of world aeronautics, the Romanian Traian Vuia .  The strategic importance of Traian Vuia Timisoara International Airport has been unceasingly growing, the airport becoming an air hub connecting cities in Romania to cities in Italy, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain and Greece.

Timisoara, Romania International airport

There is 1 major International airport in Timisoara, Romania.


No. 2, Airport Street
Ghiroda, Timisoara

Telephone: +40 256 491 637

Timisoara International Airport website

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