Towns & cities in Spain

What are the major towns & cities of Spain?

Place Administrative Division Latitude Longitude
Madrid Madrid 40.42°N 3.71°W
Barcelona Barcelona 41.40°N 2.17°E
Valencia Valencia 39.48°N 0.39°W
Sevilla ( Seville ) Sevilla 37.40°N 5.98°W
Zaragoza Zaragoza 41.65°N 0.89°W
Málaga ( Malaga ) Málaga 36.72°N 4.42°W
Murcia Murcia 37.98°N 1.13°W
Las Palmas Las Palmas 28.10°N 15.43°W
Bilbao Vizcaya 43.25°N 2.93°W
Palma Balears 39.57°N 2.65°E
Valladolid Valladolid 41.65°N 4.74°W
Córdoba Córdoba 37.88°N 4.77°W
Alicante Alacant 38.35°N 0.48°W
Vigo Pontevedra 42.22°N 8.71°W
Gijón Asturias 43.53°N 5.67°W
Granada Granada 37.17°N 3.59°W
L'Hospitalet de Llobregat Barcelona 41.35°N 2.10°E
A Coruña A Coruña 43.33°N 8.42°W
Vitoria Álava 42.85°N 2.67°W
Badalona Barcelona 41.45°N 2.24°E

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