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Towns & cities in Iceland

What are the major towns & cities of Iceland?

Place Administrative Division Latitude Longitude
Reykjavík HöfuðborgarsvÊði 64.14°N 21.92°W
Kópavogur HöfuðborgarsvÊði 64.12°N 21.92°W
Hafnarfjörður HöfuðborgarsvÊði 64.06°N 21.95°W
Akureyri Norðurland eystra 65.69°N 18.12°W
Keflavík Suðurnes 64.01°N 22.56°W
GarðabÊr HöfuðborgarsvÊði 64.09°N 21.99°W
MosfellsbÊr HöfuðborgarsvÊði 64.15°N 21.65°W
Akranes Vesturland 64.33°N 22.09°W
Selfoss Suðurland 63.94°N 21.01°W
Seltjarnarnes HöfuðborgarsvÊði 64.13°N 21.93°W
VestmannÊyjar Suðurland 63.44°N 20.27°W
ÍsafjörĂ°ur VestfirĂ°ir 66.08°N 23.14°W
Sauðårkrókur Norðurland vestra 65.74°N 19.66°W
Grindavík Suðurnes 63.85°N 22.45°W
HĂșsavĂ­k NorĂ°urland eystra 65.40°N 13.70°W
Hveragerði Suðurland 64.01°N 21.21°W
Álftanes HöfuðborgarsvÊði 64.11°N 22.03°W
Borgarnes Vesturland 64.54°N 21.95°W
Höfn Austurland 64.26°N 15.21°W
Egilsstaðir Austurland 65.26°N 14.40°W

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