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Towns & cities in Moldova

What are the major towns & cities of Moldova?

Place Cyrillic Administrative Division Latitude Longitude
Chişinău / Chisinau Кишинев Chisinau Oras 47.03°N 28.83°E
Tiraspol' Тирасполь Transnistria 46.85°N 29.63°E
Bălţi / Balti  Бельцы Balti 47.76°N 27.91°E
Tighina Бендеры Transnistria 46.83°N 29.48°E
Râbniţa / Râbnita   Transnistria 47.77°N 29.00°E
Cahul   Cahul 45.91°N 28.19°E
Soroca   Soroca 48.16°N 28.30°E
Ungheni   Ungheni 47.21°N 27.81°E
Dubăsari / Dubasari   Transnistria 47.27°N 29.16°E
Orhei   Orhei 47.39°N 28.82°E
Comrat   Gagauzia 46.31°N 28.66°E
Ciadâr Lunga   Gagauzia 46.06°N 28.83°E

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