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Big Ben Facts & Figures

1858 – Year the Tower was completed.

Big Ben time in London, England

  • 316 ft – Height of the Tower.

  • ‘E’ – the note that the Bell was originally tuned to. The crack means that it is now slightly off-key.

  • 16 – Number of horses that conveyed the Bell from Whitechapel Foundry to Westminster.

  • 4.49m – Length of the Pendulum.

  • 321kg – Weight of the Pendulum.

  • A stack of pre-decimal pennies – are adjusted to amend the time. The Clock is amended by the removal or addition of coins on the pendulum.

  • 7m – The diameter of each clock face.

  • 312 – The number of pieces of opal glass in each clock face. Some of these pieces can even be removed and put back.

  • 2.8m – Length of the hour hand.

  • 4.3m – Length of the minute hand.

  • ‘Domine Salvam fac Reginam nostrum Victoriam primam’ – The Latin inscription under each dial which translates to: ‘Oh Lord, save our Queen Victoria the First.’

  • 31st May 1859 – First time Big Ben chimed.

  • 13.7 tonnes – Weight of the Great Bell.

  • 2.2m – Height of the Great Bell.

  • 2.7m – Width of the Great Bell.

  • 200kg – Weight of the Hammer.

  • 334 – Steps to the Belfry.

  • 30 hours – time it took a team of men to winch the Great Bell up to the Belfry

  • 2 seconds – The length of the Pendulum beat.

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